RMA Webinars

Held monthly, illustrating research at RMA

13 February 2024 13h30-14h30

by Mr. Djamal Belmehdi

Dual-use substances or those used to synthesize known homemade explosives (HME) are strictly controlled. Nevertheless, tertiary explosives are generally not considered as explosives by international regulations. As they are exceptionally diffic...

06 June 2023 13h45-14h15

by Cdt Dr Ir Romuald VAN RIET

Ammunition ageing has always been an issue, especially when ammunition is stored in hot climates. Ammunition ageing can lead to deterioration of the weapon's ballistic properties, damage to weapon systems and, in extreme cases, spontaneous...

06 June 2023 13h15-13h45

by Cdt Dr Ir Romuald VAN RIET

Tertiary explosives are a serious and emerging threat in the context of homeland security, counterterrorism and counter-improvised explosive devices, and are therefore the subject of this research conducted in collaboration between the RMA'...