Home-made explosives – TATP : synthesis, characterization and detection

Energy explosives

04 October 13h00-14h00

Since the terrorist attacks in Zaventem and Maelbeek, TATP is probably the best known of all of the home-made explosives. It is no surprise that all aspects of this (and other) home-made explosives are investigated in the Laboratory for Energetic Materials and Blast Engineering. In this presentation, some aspects of the research about TATP is discussed. What does one need to synthesize TATP, and how easy is it? Ideally, TATP is discovered before it is put to use. How can we help the different canine units to train dogs to detect TATP without requiring large amounts of it? How can we help investigators and first responders to identify TATP when a suspect substance is found? And after a positive identification of TATP, how can we help them to handle this dangerous explosive more safely? If TATP remains undetected and is used in an attack, how powerful is it compared to other explosives? Can its performance be modified with additives? Finally, after an explosion, can TATP be detected and identified? Questions to these answers will be given during this webinar.

Due to the sensitive nature of the content, the video of the presentation is available on request. Please contact Maj. Simoens (bart.simoens@mil.be) if you are interested.

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