Steganalysis : How to UNCOVER hidden information in digital media

mathematics Forensic Technology Innovation Digital Evidence Digital Imaging

10 January 2023 13h30-14h00

by dr. Helena Bruyninckx

Due to the widespread availability of Information hiding techniques (steganography), potential perpetrators can quickly select, adapt and combine information hiding tools for their criminal activities.

Detecting this hidden information in innocent looking files (such as images, video, audio, text) is a major challenge for Law Enforcement Agencies, Forensic Institutes, but also Defence due to a lack of resources and procedures for investigations or structured operations. These problems are amplified by the increasing amount of digital evidence that LEAs, forensic institutes and judicial partners have to handle.

Requested by SGRS, we started building up experience and knowledge within the domain of steganography and this lead to the European UNCOVER project, started in 2021.

This presentation outlines the main principles of steganography, together with its research challenges and gives an overview of the different projects financed by Belgian Defence. The H2020 project UNCOVER will also be presented: objectives, goals and foreseen outcomes of the project.

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