Raising awareness on cryptography. Are we ready?

mathematics cryptography

10 January 2023 13h00-13h30

presented by the Members of ALICE, the Crypto group of the Mathematics department

In an increasingly digital world, cryptography is the only known solution to provide security in a cost-effective and scalable manner.

While mostly hidden to its users, cryptography protects our digital life, whether personal (e.g. social media accounts), professional (e-commerce), governmental (e-government), or military (e.g. IoMT, weapons systems, F-35).

In fact, it is so hidden that the general public is largely unaware of the problems it solves.

Within the RMA mathematics department, ALICE focuses its research on applied cryptography for critical applications, from its theoretical foundations to its secure implementation.

This webinar will define what cryptography is (not) and explain why BEL Def needs its own cryptographic expertise. The activities of ALICE will then be presented, in particular within the frame of a structural collaboration with Cyber Command.

Finally, in light of the need to evaluate cryptographic products that protect national interests, we will ask and partially answer a straightforward question: Are we ready?

Due to the sensitive nature of the content, the video of the presentation is available on request only. Please contact Julien Petit if you are interested.

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